Workshop Description

Teacher workshop in Hamilton, New Zealand

Would you like to…

  • Improve the reading skills and performance level of all the children in your class regardless of their learning style?
  • Manage your classroom more effectively?
  • Reach children with hidden learning disabilities before they fall behind?
  • Use research-based methods that are flexible and easily fit into and enhance any existing curriculum?

Our interactive workshop for primary (K-3) teachers and support personnel provides unique and innovative strategies for improving reading instruction and classroom management.

  • A set of learning strategies promoting self-regulating behaviors
  • Visual-kinesthetic approaches matching children’s developmental levels
  • Strategies challenging the needs of all learners within a classroom
  • Strategies that complement any curriculum already in place
  • Project-based learning for students
  • Detailed instructions appropriate for Response to Intervention (RTI) needs

Workshop Instruction:

  • Theory supporting strategies and instruction with related research
  • Video vignettes of implementing strategies
  • Supervised experiential practice of strategies with follow-up discussion
  • Verfication of Attendance Certificate

Teacher Workshop Kit Provided:

  • 3-Ring binder detailing all strategies and steps for implementation
  • Supplies: alphabet strip, letter recognition cards, Stop Signs in Reading chart, Webster’s New Children’s Dictionary, 2 koosh balls, 2 lbs. clay, clay cutter
  • Soft-side brief case to hold above materials