Report from Brabant NL

From Irma Lammers

Davis Learning Strategies
photo provided by Irma Lammers

During the past six months, I and a colleague have been able to guide a number of children in two schools in Helmond (Brabant) who have difficulty reading and/or learning.

It was an intense time, with me and my colleague at one school each seeing about 24 kids in one day and supporting them with the Davis strategies and techniques to help them focus. After that, most children have learned to master the alphabet better and have become acquainted with the real meaning of punctuation marks and how to use them for improved reading comprehension.

All children benefited from the Davis Learning Strategies focus techniques. The teachers of both schools became curious after noticing improvements in their students.

A total of 20 teachers in both of those schools, the Davis Learning Strategies workshop to learn how to guide children from grade 2 in learning to read well in their school. And this way they will prevent reading problems such as dyslexia.

If it’s up to us, there will be a time when all children in all schools can learn to read this way. Without confusion, without frustration, and with joy.

All children can be good readers. The Davis Learning Strategies will be able to contribute a lot to that. Strategies that are appropriate in every school because they are flexible. They teach the children what reading really is: seeing letters, making words with them and understanding what the words mean. That’s the definition of reading, as we agreed together and as it says in Van Dale’s dictionary.