Davis Learning Strategies
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A Breakthrough in Primary Education

  • Reach all students regardless of learning style;
  • Build sight vocabulary, comprehension, and other reading skills;
  • Manage the classroom more effectively;
  • Easy to implement and flexible;
  • Meet early intervention needs for at-risk students.

The Davis Learning Strategies are geared to beginning readers and designed for classroom use. In pilot classrooms, these methods eliminated the need for special education placement for at-risk students. Strong readers gained stronger language and grammar skills, and weaker students learned to read effortlessly. Gifted education placement from pilot classrooms exceeded national averages.

New! Read the 24 -page report from implementation of Davis strategies at 10 New Zealand Schools: Action Research Inquiry 2018

Mastering the Alphabet in Kindergarten

"What I liked most was how easily the Davis strategies fit into many areas of Kindergarten curriculum."

- LB, Kindergarten Teacher,
Fremont, California.

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