Davis Learning Strategies

Simple, innovative and effective tools for primary teachers.

Providing all children with the skills to excel

  • Easy for teachers to learn and implement.
  • Gives young children the tools needed to control energy level and attention focus.
  • A hands-on and participatory approach to learning beginning reading skills.

The Davis Learning Strategies are geared to beginning readers and designed for classroom use. Full implementation of these methods can eliminate the need for special education placement for at-risk students. Strong readers gain stronger language and grammar skills, and weaker students gain skills needed to become capable readers.

Geared to all types of learners

  • Taps into the creative learning process of all children regardless of their learning style
  • Accommodates the full range of learners: low, average and high – all at the same time
  • Helps children acquire lifelong “how to learn” skills

Effective tools for classroom management

  • Helps children stay on task and pay attention
  • Builds self-esteem through success
  • Gives children self-management skills