Davis Learning Strategies
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A Breakthrough in Primary Education

Based on six years of classroom research

  • Reach all students regardless of learning style;
  • Build sight vocabulary, comprehension, and other reading skills;
  • Manage the classroom more effectively;
  • Easy to implement and flexible;
  • Meet early intervention needs for at-risk students.

The Davis Learning Strategies are geared to beginning readers and designed for classroom use. In pilot classrooms, these methods eliminated the need for special education placement for at-risk students. Strong readers gained stronger language and grammar skills, and weaker students learned to read effortlessly. Gifted education placement from pilot classrooms exceeded national averages.

Mastering the Alphabet in Kindergarten

"What I liked most was how easily the Davis strategies fit into many areas of Kindergarten curriculum."

- LB, Kindergarten Teacher,
Fremont, California.

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