Chennai India – Indigo Heartful Kids

Impact of Davis Learning Strategies since 2014

In 2014, Davis Learning Strategies was implemented among special education students (Indigo section) at the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Chennai, India. Since that time:

➢ 55 students with Specific Learning Disabilities have graduated from the school and are doing very well in various colleges in India.
➢ 75 students with SLD have returned to mainstream classrooms, free from special education support, learning independently and achieving academic success.
➢ All Indigo students continue to make academic progress, especially in the area of reading and comprehension.
➢ The average Indigo student’s attention span is 2.5x longer after one year of DLS training in the classroom.
➢ Behavioral issues drop to almost negligible levels.
➢ Students show remarkable improvement in emotional stability, socializing skills, and confidence level.

Considering the impact of Davis Learning Strategies on students with SLD the Special Education Unit was given the status of an Independent branch of Omega School in 2022 to support the special education needs of students from other schools as well. The DLS unit of Omega school is now called “Indigo-Heartful Kids”. This school accepts every child with SLD from grade I-VII and offers them holistic education using DLS.

Indigo Heartful Kids is supported by a team of 13 Special Education facilitators trained in Davis Learning Strategies and led by a licensed Davis Facilitator. Lesson Plans and classroom pedagogy in all the subjects English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Hindi & Tamil languages are based on DLS. Students learn to learn with joy!