Davis Learning Strategies
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Meet Early Intervention Needs

First Grade Reading Chart

Research results published in Reading Improvement Journal, August 2001, reported:

  • No special education referrals were made two years after initial Davis intervention for any of the three pilot classrooms

  • At-risk children scored significantly higher than the control group for mastery of 100 basic sight words. (90-100% accuracy for all Davis classrooms vs. less than 67% accuracy for all control group classrooms)

"I had a pupil in my class who had already attended one and a half years of special needs training. He still couldn't read at all, and could hardly write. Now he is writing and reading."

-- CS, Primary School Teacher
Basel, Switzerland

"There has been a remarkable improvement in reading, writing, spelling and math progress with my students. Growth in self-confidence is tremendous. These students have been given practical skills that equal success."

-- DD, Elementary Teacher
Greater Vancouver Distance Education School

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