Davis Learning Strategies
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Easy to Implement and Flexible

Children working on letters
  • Materials are "non-consumable" and can be used over and over again, year after year
  • Not dependent on photocopier or paper/pencil
  • Easily scheduled for the children or the teacher. Time frames are flexible from student to student, and even grade to grade
  • Can be used in many curriculum areas–recess, art, reading time, small group activities

"What I liked most was how easily the Davis strategies fit into many areas of Kindergarten curriculum. It relieved me of a paper-pencil approach and gave me a hands-on, kinesthetic approach. It also helped develop the little finger muscles for being able to move on to coordinate paper-pencil activities. "

-- LB, Kindergarten Teacher
Mission San Jose Elementary School
Fremont, California

"It has helped me become more aware and sensitive to the needs of my students. My students are very receptive and amaze me how quickly they pick it up. I have many children who are ADD and ADHD. This system helps me reconnect with them. I have small groups for short periods of time and this helps us to get down to business quickly."

-- DG, Elementary Spec. Ed. Resource
Sequoia Charter School
Mesa, Arizona

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