Davis Learning Strategies
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What is the Davis Learning Strategies® Program?

Modeling words

The Davis Learning Strategies® Program begins with students learning the Davis Focusing Skills. These skills provide students with the self-directed ability to be physically and mentally focused on the learning task at hand.

Through Davis Symbol Mastery®, students learn to master alphabet, punctuation marks and basic sight words with clay modeling. This provides a simple, easy and fun alternative to pencil-paper activities and drill exercises.

Mastery of Basic Words provides all types of learners to truly master the spelling, pronunciation (sound), and meaning of the most common words encountered in reading. The majority of these are familiar to all teachers as the "Dolch List."

Davis Reading Exercises provide a method for instructing students in word recognition and comprehension. This reading method can be used alone or as a supplement to a phonics program.

Davis Learning Strategies are an effective and efficient way to provide the student with necessary reading skills and to develop the beginning reader into an accomplished reader by the end of the third grade.

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