Davis Learning Strategies
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Summary of Teacher Reports

Based on six years of classroom piloting and research

Davis Learning Strategies is based on classroom pilots conducted from 1993-1999 by several San Francisco, California Bay Area teachers. During this pilot:

Kindergarten teachers reported:

  • Fewer reversals
  • Better eye-hand coordination
  • Overall better printing skills
  • Learned the alphabet faster with less effort
  • Better understanding of why we have an alphabet
  • Many students able to find letters in dictionary
  • Made learning more fun
  • Consonant and vowel sounds were recalled more quickly
  • Phonics skills were stronger

Primary teachers reported:

  • Improved oral language skills
  • Better retention of reading vocabulary (very little re-teaching)
  • Better understanding of sight words, not only what they mean, but where and how to use them
  • Students' confidence increased
  • Punctuation skills greatly increased
  • Dictionary skills greatly increased
  • School was more than just paper and pencil
  • Classroom parent volunteers and aides felt they were making a real contribution to students' education
  • Helped students stay on task

Primary children reported:

  • "I learned the meanings of words."
  • "It helps me spell."
  • "It's fun."
  • "It helps me be creative."
  • "It helps me learn words."
  • "It helps me remember words better."

Curriculum areas positively affected included:

  • Learning basal reading words
  • Oral reading
  • Reading for comprehension
  • Learning spelling words
  • Kindergarten readiness skills
  • Helping students learn self control
  • Helping students learn social skills
  • Learning basic coordination skills
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