Davis Learning Strategies
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Reach All Your Children

Engages all Learning Styles
  • Tap into the creative learning process of all children regardless of their learning style
  • Accommodate the full range of learners: low, average and high - all at the same time
  • Help children acquire lifelong "how to learn" skills
  • Improve reading skills using the naturally strong kinesthetic learning style of all young children

"I really saw a difference. I go once a week with the class to the school library. In previous years my pupils would check out the picture books. They were content to look at the pictures. This class has become very 'knowledge thirsty.' They check out general education books, everything from volcanoes to Indians. Better yet they look at them AND read them!"

-- AA, Primary School Teacher
Basel, Switzerland

"With my class in general, we all saw growth in comprehension in content area reading using Picture-at-Punctuation. Nonfiction is historically difficult, even for some of my highest students, and these strategies made believers out of them."

--DB, Elementary Teacher
Moran Prairie Elementary
Spokane, Washington

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