Davis Learning Strategies
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Manage Your Classroom More Effectively

  • Help children stay on task and pay attention
  • Build self-esteem through success
  • Give children self-management skills

"Nowadays, my class comes back from even the most turbulent playground breaks and can quickly adjust to the classroom. They can pay attention and actually listen to me. I would say that on the whole my kids now can focus in on what I am saying for at least twice as long as my earlier classes. What a pleasure for me!"
-- GE, primary school teacher, Basel, Switzerland

"In the children I saw change: caring for one another, helping another and realizing that no one in our class is stupid. There is no more such a thing as a naughty child because you can focus your friend next to you, you can focus your group. . . . Even if they come to class wild and active, within minutes I have the most well behaved class in the whole school. Thanks to Davis Learning Strategies!"
-- SV, Educator in Johannesburg, South Africa

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